What is The Social Club?

The Social Club is an inclusive community for children and young people. The Social Club invites its members to understand the importance of building friendships and developing social skills through many activities. Our programs in The Social Club are designed for peer-to-peer learning in interactive and fun ways.

Who Can Be A Member?

Children ages 4 and above.

What are our Programs?

Social Skills Group Session

We provide sessions to help children’s social skills and communication skills. Social skills strategies will be taught and practiced within a small group setting with peers.
Only children ages 10 and above can attend this session. Children are required to take a social skill assessment prior to joining these sessions.

Buddies Program

We work together with a number of schools and universities to encourage students in volunteering as ‘buddies’ for children with special educational needs. Volunteers who become ‘buddies’ learn to be role models through practices such as behavior and social interactions for their peers and friends.

Dance Class and Art Class

We provide a platform for children and young adults to encourage the freedom of expressions through engaging in an inclusive creative art and dance together with their peers.

Parents Support Group

A community of parents who gather regularly to receive trainings and attend activities to know the potentials and strengths in themselves, their partners, children, and family.

Social Events

The events involve children with difficulties in ranging areas of social skills, together with buddies (college or high school students), and parents. Here they will learn to socialize and apply the social and communication skill strategies that they have learned.

Why Social Club?

* Physical and psychological well-being

* Improved self esteem

* Improved social and communication skills

* Opportunities to socialize and become a member of the community

* Creativity development

* Improved flexibility and daily functioning

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Fun Activities With The Kids

How to be a member?

– Download the registration form

– Fill in and hand the form with your child’s photo to our office.

– After the membership fee is processed, you will get the monthly schedule and The Social Club Toolkit.

– The membership card will be mailed to your address. Please do not forget to bring the membership card for events or sessions if you wish to attend them.

What are the benefits of being a member of The Social Club?

– Special discounts for various Social Club activities

– Social Club Newsletter

– New friends and an inclusive community

– A membership card that can be used to get other discounts and benefits

– A special gift on your child’s birthday