Psychological Assessment

To understand more about the cognitive and psychological condition of a child, we do a test customized to the needs of children. The following psychological tests are performed by clinical psychologists: examination of cognitive ability (IQ), personality tests, tests of school readiness, developmental tests, talent examination and finding their interests for children, adolescents, and adults. Results of psychological tests conducted can be a full report, psychogram, recommendations, along with explanations by our psychologists.

Social Skills Services

The purpose of this service is to help improve the ability of social interaction and the child’s ability to communicate. We begin the program with social skills assessment to see the child’s ability to socialize and communicate. We also encourage children to engage in the Social Skills Group Session to help them learn and practice strategies that can help them communicate and build social relationships. Within our Social Skills Group Session, children will be partnered together within the same age group to practice communicating with each other using strategies that have been taught.

Learning Support

We offer consultation services and training (professional development) for schools and teachers who work with children with special needs, either in special schools or mainstream schools. We also offer assistance to teachers and parents for the preparation of educational programs (Individual Education Plan / IEP) or education recommendations) modified to the needs of children.

Applied Behaviour Analysis

Our Certified consultant in the field of Autism will interview parents, and our team will make observations in the home, center, and school settings to develop an intervention program tailored to the strengths and needs of the child. Our team of therapists deliver behavioral therapy (ABA) to help improve children’s appropriate behavior and minimize children’s misbehavior.

Speech and Language Services

We provide observation services, consultation, assessment, and therapy to help children with difficulties in speech and language development.

Counselling Services 

We provide a variety of online & offline counselling services for all people: children, youth, families, and couples. We also provide Filial Play Coach / Mentor service. Certified in using a wide range of counselling techniques suited to the client’s needs.

Play Therapy

Play is highly important for the healthy development of children. Play can increase a child’s creativity, enrich the child’s imagination, and play can also be a medium for children to experiment, discover innovate, seek solutions, and make mistakes within safe limits. Also called the “Special Time”, Play Therapy uses sand, art, drama, music, puppet, and Creative Visualization to help children process in the room.

Play Therapy can help children with a range of difficulties and challenges, such as:
Violence at home, ADHD, Anger and tantrums, Relationship problems with parents, ASD / Autism Spectrum Disorder, Behavioural issues, Grief/loss, Bullying (children who bullies or gets bullied), Communication problems, Developmental delay, Nightmares or trouble sleeping, Physical limitations, Reluctant to go to school, Parents divorced or separated, Issues with peers, Trauma, Struggle with academic performance / drop out school, Quietness and Insecurity

Group Therapy

We provide offline & online Group Therapy service. Our Group Therapy Counsellor is a member of Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP) by the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA). She is also trained in CBC – Coach Based Consulting with Dr William Bergquist and Agnes Mura