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Welcome to PEACE

Stands for Psycho Educational Assessment Center of Excellence

Established in 2013, PEACE (Psycho Educational Assessment Center of Excellence) is dedicated to helping children and young people in achieving their full potential through a wide range of services and assessments which are proven to be effective. PEACE is a center that helps children and parents through psychoeducational assessments and interventions which are appropriate for the needs of children.

PEACE is formed by a team of experts and professionals who are dedicated and committed to help the development of children. Services provided by PEACE include assessments, consultations, and various interventions and therapy programs.

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  • Our son Rifky’s attendance to social program has given him the confidence and the tools to be able to better communicate with peers and other in social environments.

    Mark West and Megawati West
    Parent of Rifky, 17 years old
  • As parents of Fay who work together with PEACE, I am very grateful that our child started a series of therapies in PEACE & YIPABK since 2 years ago. Here in PEACE, Fay has been coming to therapy sessions that helped her in many areas compared to other centers. Alhamdulillah, my daughter, Fay, who has Autism, made a lot of progress compared to the time when she had not had any therapy. Nevertheless, we still have a lot of “homework” that still needs to be done for Fay to be able to be independent – this is our goal. At least we have a guide to help Fay to grow and develop well. The rest of Fay’s development, we can only surrender to God.

    Tian Arief and Efin Fintiana
    Parents of Fairuz Khairunnisa (Fay), 19 years old
  • When I become a buddy for the kids, I get to know children with special needs deeper. Being a buddy helped me to realize that even though they are similar, but each child has their own needs. Moreover, they have their own strengths and uniqueness that makes them special. Being a buddy helped me to have plenty of interactions and experiences being together with children who have special needs. I am happy and proud to be their friend. It is an honor to be given their trust to be their friend.

    Elsa (University Student)
    Student majoring in Special Education, Universitas Negeri Jakarta, 19 Years Old
  • I learned that I feel blessed, very blessed with all the blessings that I received each day.
    I learned that teenagers with special needs are very honest and loyal. They say what they meant, they don’t hide anything.
    I learned to be more patient, to be more considerate, I learned to respect others.
    I became someone they value quite much.
    I learned to be more understanding and my passion towards special education field starts to grow.
    Social Group is an amazing experience, I look forward to spend more time with them I really value my relationship with them.

    Brenda (University Student)
    Student, London School of Public Relations, Jakarta (18 Years Old)
  • I like Social Club because I can meet my friends. It is very exciting, especially when there was a Costume Party, which was a lot of fun. In Social Group I learn to give comments and I get new friends, girls and boys. I like eating together and having fun time with my friends.

    Social Club Attendee (18 years old)
  • I enjoy learning about social skills, meeting friends and learning how to make new friends. I like our friendship session and fun time most!

    Rifky (Participant)
    High School Student, 17 years old
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