About Us

What is PEACE?

Established in 2013, PEACE (Psycho Educational Assessment Center of Excellence) is dedicated to help children and young people in achieving their full potential through a wide range of services and assessments that are proven to be effective. PEACE is a center that helps children and parents through psychoeducational assessments and interventions which are tailored to the needs of children.

PEACE is formed by a team of experts and professionals who are dedicated and committed to help the development of children. Services provided by PEACE include assessments, consultations, and various interventions and therapy programs.


PEACE encourage good values and equality in interactions and relationships, respecting differences and uniqueness of each staff, children, families, and professionals.


PEACE is responsible for every action. We make thoughtful and wise choices. However, when we make mistakes, we act responsibly to improve our quality and services. We have courage to speak the truth, solve problems, and seek clarification and assistance when we have doubts.


PEACE strives to provide quality services. We continue to develop through training, mentoring, and accepting suggestions. We are a dedicated team and we work together to show concern for each other. We share professional knowledge and experiences with each other and the children we help.


PEACE serves with the heart, speaks the truth, keeps promises, and dare to defend what is right.


PEACE continually seeks honesty and sincerity in our relationships between staff, children, parents, teachers, a team of experts, and our suppliers.

What is Psychoeducational Assessment?

Psychoeducational assessment is a series of evaluation process that will produce an estimation of the development of cognitive, developmental, behavioral, and academic skills of children. Results of the psychoeducational assessment will be in the form of a full report of the child’s condition, accompanied with recommendations for educational planning and intervention specifically designed for the needs of the children. The psychoeducational assessment includes understanding of the development of children, intelligence tests, educational assessments, observations of their behaviors, examination of growth and development, an observation of their attention span, and others.

Why do we need a Psychoeducational assessment?

Through psychoeducational assessment, we can understand the overall condition of a child. We can also help our children better by understanding certain conditions such as learning difficulties, problems with attention span, etc. We can also examine the strengths and needs of children in the areas of cognition and education. Through the recommendation of our psychoeducational assessment, we can also design educational programs and interventions appropriate to help the children’s development according to their own needs.

Psychoeducational Assessment

How does Psychoeducational Assessment work?